Heart of the matter

As an infant, I was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallottetralogy of fallot. Basically, it means I have a hole in my heart and you can click the link above for more details. I had surgery at 13 months old and grew up relatively normal. Despite being overweight, and having difficulty running, I had few problems and my doctors were routinely impressed with my progress. They thought I would have to be operated on again in my teens but I surprised everyone and lasted until I was twenty-five, when I finally had to have my heart operated on.

I was lucky, and able to get the surgery done at Cleveland Clinic. They did a valve replacement instead of cutting into me again, for which I am forever grateful as it means I don’t have to have another scar to my already big collection.

One was enough. After though, I was feeling lost. The world had gone to hell it seemed and I couldn’t fathom why, out of all the people on the planet, I was still here. And why I kept on coming back when the odds were set against me.

I had always written, but I had had little success in getting my work out there despite years of conferences and querying from the time I was sixteen. It seemed like a writing career wasn’t in the cards for me. Then, I looked into the romance community after hearing B.J. Daniels speak at a conference.

B.J. Daniels talked about having written 62 novels in her career, and that she was able to write full time because of romance. I became inspired and put my traditional fantasy work on the back burner. I took my passion for rock music and wrote All The Right Notes a rock star romance inspired by the 90’s grunge scene. I was fortunate enough to find a passionate editor that took me on with Totally Bound and the book is due out in September underneath my other pen name C. McGrath.

However, fantasy is my first love, and I come back to it time and time again. It’s what made me want to be a writer. And I kept on coming up with project after project, writing continuously while waiting for my book to come out. I started projects but wanted them read right away. I posted bits and pieces on facebook which I’ve been doing for as long as I had a profile. But I wanted more, and I wanted it now. So, Stella stoker is my passion project. A way for me to get things out to family and friend.  My serial novel that comes out this Friday, Barton Hollow, is published weekly for the people that have supported me from the very beginning. Always telling me that I could, never saying the word can’t. And if you’d like to join that community and help support me in this writing endeavor, I’d be more than happy to have you.

Thank you kindly for your support.

Stay Spooky,

Stella Stoker

aka Cambria Covell


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