Riverdale Overview

A show about 1950’s comic book characters turned into a murder mystery for teens shouldn’t have worked but somehow, it does. The CW’s use of Archie Andrews as the innocent, naive boy next door is handled perfectly. While he starts off with a seemingly simple existence, worried about music and football, the more he awakens to the crime and darkness that surrounds him the angrier he becomes. It’s the perfect metaphor for adolescence although it does make his character incredibly frustrating at times because you think he should already realize that the world is a terrible a place.

The show also tackles issues such as slut shaming,  racial inequality, (Josie’s speech about why they’re called The Pussycats will break your heart and inspire you at the same time) and class differences. And rather then have them fed in an after school special kind of way, they are interwoven into the characters themselves.

And while the show may seem like a teenybopper romp in a nice, neat package it’s like those chocolate milkshakes they serve at Pops. Dark, but sweet at the same time. It’s the perfect metaphor for growing up as each episode gradually strips away at the characters innocence.

Also, all of the awards to Cole Sprouse for beating the child actor stereotype. He turns in a kick ass performance as Jughead Jones with just the right bit of sarcasm and broody loner.


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